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Kyotera district has a hospital (Kalisizo), a Health center IV (Kakuuto), twelve (12) Health center III's and twenty (20) Health center II's which play a great role of treating a population of over 300,000 people. This number is thought to be even higher than this due to the travellers from the neighboring Tanzania who also come for the treatment in facilities of mainly Kakuuto HC IV, Mutukula HC III, Kasasa HC III, Kasaali HC III and Kalisizo hospital among others.

On top of the above, Kyotera district also has nine (9) Private Not For Profit (PNFPs) health facilities which receive Primary Health Care (PHC) funds and other support from government and several Private for Profit (PFP) medical centers across the district. We have around 497 health workers who work in the health centers with support from implementing partners like Rakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP), Babies and Mothers Alive (BAMA), Uganda Cares, Red Cross, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Programme for Accessible health Communication and Education (PACE) among others.

Services offered

All government health facilities in Kyotera district above are fully functional and offer preventive, promotive, outpatient, curative, maternity, in-patient services, emergency surgery, blood transfusion and labaratory services, immunization, antenantal, radiography and ART services.


The upgrade of Nangoma HC III is ongoing, Phase 2 construction of a General ward at Kakuuto HCIV was completed, construction of a staff house at Nangoma HC III under the U-gift program and a co-funding with BAMA for the construction of a maternity ward at Kirumba HCIII.

Phase III construction of a General ward at Kakuuto HC IV. The procurement process for a contractor is ongoing.

An upgrade of Nsumba Health Center III was completed and handed over to the District though there is a shortage of health workers at the facility.

The district has a 19% teenage pregnancy rate and out of 11537 clients who attended their fiest ANC in Financial year 2022/2023, 19% of them were below 19 years of age.